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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to register and swim for LMF STARS?

A: Anyone ages 4 to 18 who can swim is eligible to join.

Q: What if my child(ren) can't swim?

A: The STARS swim team is a competitive summer swim team. We encourage all swimmers to join the team. However, all athletes must be able to swim. The swim team is not providing swim lessons or teaching non-swimmers to swim. Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yds) completely unassisted by May 21st. At the sole discretion of the STARS Head Coach, athletes that are unable to swim the length of the pool by May 21st, will be asked to leave the team until such time they can safely swim the length of the pool unassisted. Any athlete that is asked to leave the team is welcome back at any time during the season (after evaluation by the Head Coach), should they be able to swim the length of the pool safely and unassisted. There will be no refund of fees for those swimmers that cannot swim the length of the pool by May 21st.

Q: Are non-residents eligible to swim for the LMF STARS?

A: Yes. The LMF STARS welcomes both residents and non-residents of Long Meadow Farms. Please note that that an additional fee (see registration page) is applied to all non-residents.

Q: When does practice start?

A: For the current season's practice schedule, please visit our Practice & Meet Schedule page, under the Swim Meet Info tab. We practice Monday-Friday in the afternoon until LCISD school is out.  We then switch practices to mornings until the season is over.  

During the school year, due to other sports, coaches are fairly lenient about making practices. Morning practices begin June 5. 

Times may shift to due to registration for each age group.

Q: How much does it cost to join the team?

A: For a list of current registration fees, please visit our registration page.

Q: What if I change my mind after I register or my child is not able to swim by May 21st?

A: All registration fees are non-refundable. Any exception to this policy is at the sole discretion of the LMF Swim Club Board of Directors.

Q: Are there volunteer obligations?

A: The swim team cannot operate without volunteers. If your child swims, you volunteer. We have lots of positions, and there is something for everyone. If you fail to meet your volunteer obligations, there is a mandatory fine of $250.00.

Q: What is a Volunteer Encouragement Conditional Payment of $250.00?

A: A $250 conditional payment is part of the registration process and required from each family.   This is done to encourage our families to volunteer. We moved from checks to a credit card conditional payment this year to make it easier for our parents, many of whom don't use checks.  Each family is required to volunteer at each meet for a shift if their child is swimming.  Each family must also obtain a total number of points.  Volunteer positions are needed in every aspect to run the meets. There is a place for everyone. If the volunteer requirements are met then the payment will not be processed.  If you fail to meet the volunteer requirements, the payment will be processed. 


Q: Does the team have a uniform? 

A: Yes, there is a team swim suit that all swimmers are required to purchase and wear for swim meets.  The team holds a suit fitting during one day of practice (date will be communicated to you).  Parents can also go to D&J Sports at 617 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450 to purchase a team suit.  

Swimmers are also required to wear a red silicone STARS swim cap.  Swim caps can be purchased from the team during registration and are also available for purchase in the team store.  Swim caps can be personalized or not.  There will be a cut off date for swim cap orders in order to have them prior to the first meet and parents are encouraged to purchase these caps during registration.  


Q: What do swimmers wear to practice?

A: Girls should wear a one piece swimsuit and boys a jammer.  Goggles are required.  Swim caps are recommended, and are especially important for girls or boys with longer hair.  The team provides you one latex swim cap that you can use for practice as part of your registration.  Practice suits, goggles and caps can be purchased from D&J sports, or online through websites like Amazon and Swimoutlet.  Competitive swimsuit sizes are different than regular suits and vary by brand, so you may consider a fitting at a swim store before you purchase.  We recommend swimmers purchase competitive swim goggles (available at the same places noted above in both junior and adult sizes).

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