​Stroke/Turn Judge & Starter/Referee Training

    • Stroke/Turn Judge & Starter/Referee Training is now available to take.
    • There is one course for Stroke/Turn Judges and one course for Starter/Referees. 
    • Each of these courses will take approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete. 
    • Training does not have to be completed in a single session – you can split it up over several days if you would like. 
    • There will also be an in person session and logistics for this session will be posted soon. 

    How to Access the Stroke/Turn & Starter/Ref Officials training

    1. Access the training via one of the two following links:
      1. Via the training page on our WHALe SwimTopia site at https://whale.swimtopia.com/training OR
      2. Directly at https://training.swimwhale.com
    2. Click on the course you wish to take:

    3. Click on the “Enroll for Free” link:

    4. Create an online account. Important – users must provide their team abbreviation as part of this registration. Your email address will become your username, and the password you set in this session will allow you to return to this training and resume where you left off. IMPORTANT - Team Abbreviation for the Stars is LMFST

    If you run into issues, please contact the following here.
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